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  • Hussein Shafik


With country running short of diesel fuel, LEONCO’s fuel boat is now close to the shores of Sierra Leone bringing in a large consignment of the commodity that will last, according to management, for a considerable period. Since Sierra Leone was suddenly hit about two weeks ago with fuel crisis, LEONCO has patriotically kept its fuel stations in the capital Freetown and across the country open, thereby filling a critical need as other suppliers shut down their outlets. Under the astute, dynamic leadership of the Managing Director, Ibrahim Durosime Cole, LEONCO from humble beginnings has now become a household name for giving value for money to its customers by ensuring that exactly what the customer pays for is what they get at all their outlets across the country. Steadfast in their ambition to serve the Sierra Leonean public with the best quality premium petroleum products, LEONCO continues with its expansion program.

In the last three years, LEONCO has opened several state-of-the-art fuel stations across the capital Freetown and beyond, with the latest one recently opened at Regent in the Western Area Rural. Guided by a vision of excellent service to its customers, LEONCO’s presence is now seen in several provincial cities and towns including Bo, Kenema, Makeni and Koidu respectively. The second largest oil marketing company in Sierra Leone, LEONCO, through prudent visionary investment now has an impressive portfolio of capital assets worth millions of dollars and is a dominant player in the country’s oil marketing industry.

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